W U13 Statistics

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Team NameOnline PledgesDay 1 Cash PledgesTotal Pledge DollarsPledge PointsGame One PointsGame Two PointsGame Three PointsGame Four PointsTotal PointsTeam Rank
#5961 Lakeshore Lightening U13-2 White$845.00$925.00$1,770.
#4723 SPFHA U13-4 Orange$330.00$1,672.00$2,
#4721 SPFHA U13-2 Blue$360.00$1,800.00$2,


Arena Locations

Essex Centre Sports Complex

60 Fairview Ave W
Essex, ON


Libro Complex (Amherstburg)

3295 Meloche Road
Amherstburg, ON


Tecumseh Arena

12021 McNorton Street
Tecumseh, ON


Vollmer Culture & Recreation Complex (LaSalle)

2121 Laurier Parkway
LaSalle, ON