U11 Statistics

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Team NameDay 1 Cash PledgesOnline PledgesTotal Pledge DollarsPledge PointsGame One PointsGame Two PointsGame Three PointsTotal PointsTeam Rank
Amherstburg Red U11$1,195.00$1,390.00$2,585.
Erie North Shore U11 Black$2,761.25$1,950.00$4,711.
LaSalle White Lightning$2,245.00$550.00$2,795.
WMHA U11 The Crocs$1,666.65$980.00$2,646.655.
LaSalle McYellow U11$1,365.00$605.00$1,970.
Erie North Shores U11 White$1,400.00$350.00$1,750.
Essex Black U11$3,880.00$2,575.00$6,455.
Windsor Red Panthers u11$790.00$350.00$1,
Amherstburg Grey U11$2,440.00$250.00$2,690.
ENS U11 GOLD$2,590.00$1,010.00$3,600.
Riverside Black Panthers$1,436.00$180.00$1,616.
Tecumseh White Lighting U11$545.00$2,605.00$3,
Southpoint Blue U11$2,481.00$180.00$2,661.
U11 Riverside White Warriors$630.00$50.00$680.
Tecumseh Wolves Grey U11$2,025.00$1,975.00$4,
LaSalle Red Hawks u11$2,429.00$1,200.00$3,629.
Tecumseh Flying Eagles Black U11$953.00$1,180.00$2,
Windsor White Potatoes U11$933.00$1,465.00$2,398.
RMHA U11 Team 3 Red$2,293.60$610.00$2,903.605.
Essex Yellow U11$2,980.00$1,015.00$3,995.
BelleRiver Senators White$1,670.00$835.00$2,505.
Riverside Golden Stars U11$1,550.00$210.00$1,760.
Lakeshore Orange Fireball's U11$4,035.00$3,535.00$7,570.
Tecumseh U11 Vikings Teal$1,925.00$2,190.00$4,
Amherstburg Blue Sharks U11$1,400.00$230.00$1,630.
Southpoint U11 Red$2,550.00$330.00$2,880.
WHMA U11 Team Black$1,280.00$365.00$1,645.
U11 La Salle Orange Sabres$1,505.00$1,450.00$2,955.


Arena Locations

Essex Centre Sports Complex

60 Fairview Ave W
Essex, ON


Libro Complex (Amherstburg)

3295 Meloche Road
Amherstburg, ON


Tecumseh Arena

12021 McNorton Street
Tecumseh, ON


Vollmer Culture & Recreation Complex (LaSalle)

2121 Laurier Parkway
LaSalle, ON