U11 Statistics

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Team NameDay 1 Cash PledgesOnline PledgesTotal Pledge DollarsPledge PointsGame One PointsGame Two PointsGame Three PointsTotal PointsTeam Rank
Essex Orange U11$1,718.00$970.00$2,688.
Kingsville ENS U-11 Green$1,265.00$345.00$1,610.
Riverside RMHA Team 1 Blue U11$1,290.00$400.00$1,690.
Erie North Shore Storm - White *$3,235.00$410.00$3,645.
Essex U11 Teal 4$2,885.00$385.00$3,
Riverside Tan Predators U11$625.00$0.00$625.
Amherstburg AMHA U11 Black$1,696.00$355.00$2,
Lakeshore Belleriver Team 2 Wh *$4,712.00$405.00$5,
Windsor Team White U11$370.00$695.00$1,
Tecumseh team 3, The Golden Ph *$2,200.00$1,455.00$3,655.
Tecumseh Purple Eagles U11$1,820.00$240.00$2,
LaSalle Blue U11$2,190.00$840.00$3,
Lakeshore Belle River U11 hous *$1,045.00$1,348.33$2,393.334.
Amherstburg Green Machine U11$2,060.00$1,250.00$3,310.
LaSalle Silver Sabres U11$965.00$3,410.00$4,375.
Riverside Red Demons U11$1,369.00$215.00$1,584.
Erie North Shore (ENS) U11 GOL *$1,635.00$2,060.00$3,695.
Windsor WMHA U11 Grey Wolves$1,115.00$300.00$1,415.
Riverside Great White Sharks U *$985.00$210.00$1,
LaSalle Orange Justice League *$2,645.00$1,635.00$4,
LaSalle Yellow Jackets U11$1,115.00$450.00$1,565.
Strathroy U11 LL Blue$40.00$1,130.00$1,
Mount Brydges Cougars Red U11$800.00$0.00$800.
Strathroy Rockets Red$558.00$0.00$558.
Southpoint Red U11$1,600.00$0.00$1,600.
Southpoint Capitals Blue U11$1,265.00$290.00$1,555.

Arena Locations

Atlas Tube Centre

447 Renaud Line Road
Lakeshore, ON


Libro Complex

3295 Meloche Road
Amherstburg, ON


Tecumseh Arena

12021 McNorton Street
Tecumseh, ON


Vollmer Culture & Recreation Complex

2121 Laurier Parkway
LaSalle, ON


Central Park Athletics

3400 Grand Marais Rd E.
Windsor, ON