Schedules for Semi Final Games

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Belle River


DateGame#TimePadDivisionHomeH ScoreVisitorsV Score
28-Dec-228140E4:00 PMAU11U11 D SEMI 13TH - Amherstburg Blue Sharks U117U11 D SEMI 16TH - Tecumseh Wolves Grey U111
28-Dec-228143E4:30 PMBU11U11 F SEMI 21ST - Riverside Black Panthers4U11 F SEMI 24TH - Southpoint U11 Red0
28-Dec-228146E5:00 PMAU11U11 D SEMI 14TH - Riverside Golden Stars U118U11 D SEMI 15TH - Essex Yellow U110
28-Dec-228149E5:30 PMBU11U11 F SEMI 22ND - LaSalle White Lightning8U11 F SEMI 23RD - Amherstburg Red U113
28-Dec-228155E6:30 PMBU15U15 A SEMI 1ST - Tilbury LL Kent Blue U158U15 A SEMI 4TH - Tecumseh Hawks White U150
28-Dec-228158E7:00 PMAU15U15 D SEMI 13TH - WMHA Team 1 - Black U155U15 D SEMI 16TH - Tecumseh Purple - Team 2 U152
28-Dec-228161E7:30 PMBU15U15 A SEMI 2ND - LaSalle Red Rebels U152U15 A SEMI 3RD - Riverside Nightmares Black U151
28-Dec-228162E8:00 PMAU15U15 D SEMI 14TH - Cadden Law Windsor Mighty Mustard1U15 D SEMI 15TH - Windsor Green Silly Sausages U154
29-Dec-229166E8:00 AMAW U11wU11 SEMI 1ST - #4711 SPFHA U11-2 Blue9wU11 SEMI 4TH - #8106 South County Harrow U11-Yellow1
29-Dec-229170E8:30 AMBU13U13 F SEMI 21ST - Riverside Team#4 Orange U132U13 F SEMI 24TH - Amherstburg Yellow U133
29-Dec-229174E9:00 AMAW U11wU11 SEMI 2ND - #5956 Lakeshore Lightning U11 - Black0wU11 SEMI 3RD - #4713 SPFHA U11-4 Orange1
29-Dec-229177E9:30 AMBU13U13 F SEMI 22ND - Tecumseh U13 team 49U13 F SEMI 23RD - Tecumseh Preditors U13 Purple5
29-Dec-229181E10:00 AMAW U13wU13 SEMI 2ND - #4723 SPFHA U13-4 Orange1wU13 SEMI 3RD - #4721 SPFHA U13-2 Blue0




DateGame#TimePadDivisionHomeH ScoreVisitorsV Score

Arena Locations

Essex Centre Sports Complex

60 Fairview Ave W
Essex, ON


Libro Complex (Amherstburg)

3295 Meloche Road
Amherstburg, ON


Tecumseh Arena

12021 McNorton Street
Tecumseh, ON


Vollmer Culture & Recreation Complex (LaSalle)

2121 Laurier Parkway
LaSalle, ON