Bantam Statistics

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Team NameDay 1 Cash PledgesOnline PledgesTotal Pledge DollarsPledge PointsGame One PointsGame Two PointsGame Three PointsTotal PointsTeam Rank
Windsor Mont's on Time Express$1,035.00$320.00$1,355.
Windsor Firefighters Fund$1,928.00$0.00$1,928.
Emara Laser Eye Centres$2,428.00$0.00$2,428.
Essex Yellow$2,200.00$0.00$2,
Belle River Red Raiders$1,204.00$65.00$1,
Belle River Fins$2,260.00$360.00$2,620.
LMHA Reaume Chevrolet Buick GMC$2,075.00$550.00$2,625.
LaSalle WFCU Credit Union Lime$1,660.00$0.00$1,660.
Riverside Quesada Blue Devils$1,115.00$317.00$1,432.
Tecumseh Heat$3,109.00$900.00$4,
LaSalle Collins Barrow Red$1,160.00$90.00$1,
Tecumseh Blue Swifties$2,500.00$0.00$2,500.
Amherstburg Green Romano's$2,480.00$300.00$2,780.
Riverside Bantam White Snowmen$1,518.00$0.00$1,518.
Tecumseh Honey Badgers$1,470.00$0.00$1,470.
Tecumseh Green$1,875.00$0.00$1,875.
Amherstburg Blue Thrashers$3,075.00$50.00$3,
Canada Is My$814.00$240.00$1,
Belle River Ice Hogs$2,569.00$150.00$2,719.
LaSalle Sabres Scotia Bank White$2,150.00$50.00$2,
Essex Orange$4,012.00$0.00$4,
Essex Teal$2,737.00$0.00$2,737.
Frosters Bantam Black Lasalle$1,440.00$150.00$1,590.
Chatham Leafs$495.00$825.00$1,320.
Riverside Bantam Black$5,782.00$0.00$5,782.

Arena Locations

Atlas Tube Centre

447 Renaud Line Road
Lakeshore, ON


Libro Complex

3295 Meloche Road
Amherstburg, ON


Tecumseh Arena

12021 McNorton Street
Tecumseh, ON


Vollmer Culture & Recreation Complex

2121 Laurier Parkway
LaSalle, ON


Central Park Athletics

3400 Grand Marais Rd E.
Windsor, ON