Atom Statistics

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Team NameDay 1 Cash PledgesOnline PledgesTotal Pledge DollarsPledge PointsGame One PointsGame Two PointsGame Three PointsTotal PointsTeam Rank
Essex Atom Yellow$2,874.00$310.00$3,
LaSalle Sabres Atom White$1,620.00$450.00$2,
Teal Titans$1,657.00$50.00$1,707.
Erie North Shore Atom Blue$3,045.50$425.00$3,470.505.
LaSalle AtoMc Red Bulls$2,450.00$1,000.00$3,450.
AtoMc LaSalle Sky Blue$2,255.00$145.00$2,400.
Erie North Shore Atom White$1,250.00$290.00$1,540.
Black Panthers$880.00$1,910.00$2,790.
Swamp Rabbits$4,276.50$315.00$4,591.505.
Essex Black Storm$2,312.00$135.00$2,447.
Lasalle Black Knights$2,550.00$470.00$3,
Ice Gators$2,888.00$300.00$3,
Tecumseh Stingers (Team #3)$2,401.00$670.00$3,
Amherstburg Red$1,917.00$455.00$2,372.
Blue Rhinos$1,455.00$1,365.00$2,820.
Lasalle Atomc Yellow Stingers$1,995.00$210.00$2,
Belle River Red Devils$1,332.00$235.00$1,587.
Tecumseh Warriors$2,956.75$735.00$3,691.755.
Green Titans$3,010.00$120.00$3,
Riverside Atomic Purple Knight *$2,455.00$85.00$2,540.
Riverside Red Raptors$2,475.00$50.00$2,525.
Windsor Comstar Mobility White$270.00N/A$270.00N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Essex Cheesy Orange Ravens$3,881.00$155.00$4,
BR Atom Team 2$3,129.00$100.00$3,
Brimestone Games$1,779.00$100.00$1,879.
Dynamic Design$1,085.00$115.00$1,

Arena Locations

Atlas Tube Centre

447 Renaud Line Road
Lakeshore, ON


Libro Complex

3295 Meloche Road
Amherstburg, ON


Tecumseh Arena

12021 McNorton Street
Tecumseh, ON


Vollmer Culture & Recreation Complex

2121 Laurier Parkway
LaSalle, ON


Central Park Athletics

3400 Grand Marais Rd E.
Windsor, ON